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The Homeaholic is managed by a team of young and enthusiastic editors from diverse backgrounds. We take pride in adhering to strict journalistic ethics and standards followed by several contemporary publications and make sure that our editorial independence doesn’t interfere with our business operations.

Here at, we are set in our own ways. The editors find and test out the best products for readers with no editorial obligations, do not choose products with affiliate commissions in mind, and make clear-sighted product recommendations, untainted by commercial considerations. We are, as a team, immensely proud of the quality and nature of our process we follow.

Support the good work of our team by buying the products we recommend through the affiliate links on our featured ‘best lists’ and product buying guides.

We aim to put several man-hours of work into each and every piece to be published here- typically a lot more than the time and effort that goes into a product review on many blogs and websites these days. If you opt to buy the products we recommend, our work is at times (but not all the time) supported by means of a decent affiliate commission from the retailer you’re purchasing from. If we recommend junk and you ship it back, we make nothing out of it, and that’s quite a fair system.

We usually link to Flipkart and Amazon for making any product recommendations, just because we feel these companies are the best choices for most of us to buy things online in India.

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