Best Green Tea in India

Green Tea- Benefits, Facts, and the Best Tea in India

Who doesn’t want to live longer? Feel better? Look younger?

That morning cup of coffee might give you an instant bolt of energy but what good has it done for you of late? Think about drinking green tea instead: it gives you caffeine’s energy punch, but also has a wide array of health benefits.

According to scientists and herbalists who examine these things, switch over to good old, rich, traditional green tea and you might find a great deal of change in you: you might find yourself free of cancer and cardiovascular condition, or perhaps even pregnant, if you’re so inclined. Slather a cream with green tea extract on and you can have that healthy glowing skin you’ve always wanted.

Many doctors recommend green tea to their patients as part of a natural, healthy diet regime. But why?

Green tea has an impressive resume other herbs and beverages would kill for.

Green Tea Benefits

Experts say that Green tea contains a good amount of catechins and flavonols, substances that are reported to have extremely good anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-microbial, and antitumor properties. In fact, green tea also has a rich supply of polyphenols which have been found to be stronger than the popular vitamins C and E, the antioxidant powerhouses. If you’re not sure what antioxidants do, they fight free radicals, which are known to play a huge role in causing many diseases from common cold in kids to chronic pain in adults.

Green tea also helps in maintaining the levels of nervous system messengers that keep you functioning at an optimum level. This results in more calories being burned through changes in muscle and breathing metabolism.


It’s no surprise that caffeine is quite helpful to endurance athletes, and several studies have already shown that coffee is packed with antioxidants. But do you know that green tea has both of those things and possibly more? It is time to point you to a Japanese study in which a group of mice were given green tea for exactly 10 weeks. And, the results were shocking. Their endurance increased by 24 percent. Nobody could put a finger on why it happened. Although it’d be ridiculous to see similar results in humans, one could argue that the stimulants in green tea shift your fat-fighting metabolism into top gear. When your body uses fatty acids, you’re sparing carbs. What’s the end result? Increase in endurance.

Adding to the list of green tea benefits, the green wonder has also been found to prevent tooth decay, and fight ultraviolet rays induced skin cancer. Drinking green tea makes tooth enamel stronger, tougher, and way more resistant to corrosive foods, and there is enough evidence that it fights infectious gum disease.  Green tea is quite easier on your stomach and heart than coffee which can cause an increase in blood pressure and raise acid-reflex response.

Fat burning

Green tea is an authentic fat burner because it’s loaded with a special antioxidant called EGCG that stimulates thermogenesis- the mechanism by which your body uses fat as fuel- and increases resting metabolism. Several studies supplement this claim but there’s a famous Dutch study that confirmed Green Tea’s fat burning properties. A group of Dutch researchers recruited 66 people for a study, made them lose weight, and then asked them to take either a placebo pill or a 270 mg green tea capsule for the next 12 weeks. In the end, the group who took green tea supplements continued to lose weight, whereas the placebo group somehow regained their flab.

If you haven’t tossed your cup of coffee for green tea, listen up. Green tea is health protective. A  Japanese study found that people who consumed four cups of green tea daily had a huge 62% lower risk of dying from strokes caused by clots. Green tea is full of antioxidants that help keep platelets- blood cells that stick together to form deadly clots- sliding safely past each other so there is a lesser chance that you’ll suffer from clots induced stroke.

Here are some of the best green tea products that make it easier to get your green.


In the past, women having fertility issues might have been recommended to keep tabs on their caffeine intake. But many studies suggesting that green tea might enhance fertility and help you conceive have sent women looking for the best green tea. A study performed by researchers found that women who consumed more than half a cup of caffeinated green tea on a daily basis improved their odds of conceiving by 200%. It’s remarkable to note that no significant association was established for other caffeinated beverages; thus the research concluded that an active ingredient of green tea other than caffeine might have increased the fertility rates in the subjects.


Green tea has become the new best friend of every beauty junkie out there. No, it’s not just a crazy beauty fad. Experimental studies imply that even topically, green tea extracts possess excellent anti-carcinogenic and ant-inflammatory properties, which could be really beneficial in treating a number of different skin orders and in preventing premature aging. Several research studies conducted on animals determine that the antioxidant agents in green tea may thwart development of serious skin cancer after exposure to harmful carcinogens. As noted earlier, the polyphenols from green tea also help shield your skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation, thus acting as a natural sunscreen. To put it bluntly, green tea, with plenty of antioxidants, may actually be able to prevent free radicals from destroying healthy cells in our body.

Feel-good Factor

Some experts look at green tea in a different way: it’s been proved time and again that stress reduction has great effects in your mind and body, so on that count alone, any product that makes you feel good about yourself is really good for you. Many manufacturers have a line of relaxing green tea products namely Green Tea Bath Shower Gel, Green Tea Soap, and Green Tea Body Lotion etc. Well, there are other ways for you to tea off. There are several face creams with green tea extracts that are known to keep your skin moisturised while fighting free radicals. There are oil-free green tea moisturisers that are particularly suited to people with oily skin and moisturising products with special formula that protect skin from damage when you’re out in the sun.


Want to rejuvenate dry, dull hair? There is an entire line of products out there dedicated to green tea. You could stock up on volumizing sprays, smoothing elixirs, thickening serums, shampoos, and conditioners, and bathe those damaged hair tresses in green tea extracts.

Immune System

Green tea improves the way the immune system functions, as it is supposed to stimulate better immunity power through active B-cells, which combat infection by producing antibodies and building lymphatic tissues.

Fights Cholesterol

Green tea might even help you attain longevity. Researchers have concluded that consuming flavonoid-rich foods like green tea might reduce the risk of developing heart diseases. Well-known green tea researchers suggest that Americans have started drinking more green tea after several studies indicated it increases the level of good HDL cholesterol while lowering the level of bad LDL which is responsible for arteriosclerosis and other conditions where blood vessels are clogged.

Eastern Medicine

Not surprisingly, green tea is one of the most prescribed herbs in traditional Eastern medicine. Not only does it help with lowering cholesterol and preventing heart disease, it is also great for killing the bacteria that cause digestive disorders and stomach ulcers.

People who follow Eastern medicine, in particular, have very little use for the green tea bag. Instead, they are quite enthusiastic about using a bag of fresh green tea leaves each day to brew their cup of tea. That’s because in Chinese medicine there are certain ways of brewing different kinds of teas, and each method is known to offer a different benefit. For instance, with green tea, you may want to pour hot, not piping hot, water over the fresh leaves to be able to extract the essence in full. But, when you simply use a green tea bag, you don’t quite get the same reaction to happen.

I’m not a big fan of green tea bags. As someone who doesn’t make or represent companies that manufacture bagged tea, I’d love to say that bag teas are not helpful. As long as hot water is hitting fresh green tea leaves, be it whether they’re crushed into pieces or whole, there’s a reason to drink green tea. Having said that, the sad reality is that the more a tea is refined and processed- mind you, some green tea bags are highly processed-, the lesser the benefits. Then again, there is some benefit in consuming it though.

How much green tea should you drink per day?

It is recommended that you drink at least six-ounce cups of green tea each day to enjoy maximum health benefits. Sounds like too much green tea per day? Well, it sounds like the equivalent of a 32-ounce Big Gulp from 7-eleven. As a matter of fact, replacing the soda is perhaps where the biggest benefit of green tea will come in.

Green Tea for Weight Loss

Even though green tea has had a growing base of tea drinkers for a long time, its popularity soared through the roof with many studies suggesting it might play a crucial role in weight loss. One of the earliest studies on green tea benefits by American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that green tea consumption resulted in a significant increase in energy expenditure, which is a measure of metabolism. In a bid to rule out the chance that the caffeine content in the tea was actually responsible for the energy boost, a group of subjects were asked to drink a tea-free source of caffeine, which, surprisingly, failed to produce similar results.  Thus, researchers came to a conclusion that the fat oxidation and accelerated metabolism were caused by the other active ingredients present in green tea.

Green Tea Supplements

If you insist on a special morning beverage treat with sugar and cream, there are many green tea supplements available in form of pills, capsules etc.

Indeed, some are wary of any herb promoted as a weight loss agent.  I, for one, doubt most people will shed pounds just by drinking green tea on a regular basis. But then, there is a bit of science to this.

Supplements with green tea extract can aid in enhancing fat oxidation, increasing the rate at which calories burn, and lowering the cholesterol levels. Several studies have shown that green tea stimulates energy expenditure and causes carbs to be released gradually, thus preventing sharp spikes in blood sugar levels. And this causes fats to burn.

If your digestive system has some sort of an acid imbalance, there is a fat chance that drinking tea might correct that condition and help you lose weight. Also, tea is a diuretic, so anyone who drinks tea quite often could urinate frequently. And, frequent urination means loss of water weight.

Best Green Tea Bags

Green tea is popular for its health benefits. You can thank its catechins, flavonoids, antioxidants that help fight both heart disease and cancer. But one of the USDA studies found that the amount of these healthy substances- as well as the composition of caffeine- varies significantly among many tea bags commercially available. In our list of the best green tea bags, we look at how top green tea brands compare per 10-0ounce cup to be able to help you choose wisely. Turns out, the Best Green Tea has the most catechins of any green tea tested.

Best green tea for weight loss

When I first told my niece about drinking green tea, she shrugged her shoulders and told me she wasn’t a big fan of tea- regardless of its colour. But when I told her she could shed the winter pounds with the best green tea, she was all ears.

Really, folks, how difficult is it to drink a cup of tea?

There are so many flavours of green tea available. Find the one you like the most and let them work their magic as you slouch in front of the TV.  In addition to green tea’s ability to rid of unwanted toxins from the body, it can promote weight loss. To determine how effective green tea is it as a weight loss supplement, a group of 50 women were placed on a low-calorie diet and fed either green tea extract (GTE) or a placebo. In the initial phase of the study, which lasted for thirty-two days, people who took the GTE supplement lost nearly 21% of their weight. That’s some number. As the study went on,               they continued to lose weight and lost 7% more. Another study involving a group of seventy-six obese men and women concluded that people who

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