The Best Beard Trimmers for Men in India

After spending over 45 days on research, putting the tools to the test with a pair of barbers, surveying more than hundreds of bearded men, and personally sacrificing a bread just for the kicks, we concluded that the <BEST BEARD TRIMMER > is the best trimmer for men in India we’d recommend. It has amazingly sharp blades, impressive run time, and a good amount of stubble-cutting power out of all cordless tools we tested. It also has an impressive design, right from its blade to its ergonomics, and its battery juice is higher than those of its rivals. At the end of 2016, we put it through the paces against a new range of trimmers, and we still believe this recommendation is a better value than any other product in the category.

Best Beard Trimmer for Men in India: Our Choice

With its incredibly powerful motor, its sharp blades, its fantastic battery life, and its ease of use, the <INSERT_PRODUCT_BEST> is our choice for the best beard trimmer in India.

While not as power hungry as the <INSERT_PRODUCT_POWER> (<LINK_TO_POWERFUL_BEARD_TRIMMER_SAME_PAGE>), it proved more than handy of cutting through rough beard hair, no matter whether we took a beard off completely or trimmed around upper lip.  Among the cordless battery power trimmers we tested, the <INSERT_PRODUCT_BEST> had the best power delivery overall. Not only did it cut more hair in a single pass than any other battery operated trimmer in the group but it also cut it shorter. A cordless beard trimmer is convenient to us, and this trimmer’s battery strikes the right balance of run times and charge times in the tools that were tested. With an approximately 100 minute run time from a single charge of the quick option to use it for ten minutes after charging it for a few minutes, it’s almost always ready to go.

After several hours of testing with a couple of professional barbers and more than six months of personal use at home, we still consider <INSERT_PRODUCT_BEST> as the best of all battery operated trimmers we’ve used. It provides a well finished look, consistently offering a smooth, even trim with or without a clip on guard that comes with it. Having said that, we did feel the occasional tug at hair, but not as often or as hard as either <INSERT_PRODUCT_SECOND_BEST> or <INSERT_POWERFUL_BEARD> the did. Overall, it provided a very good trimming experience.

In our single pass test, this model provided a pretty close cut, which I think is the best among all the devices we tested. (The <INSERT_PRODUCT_SECOND_BEST> and <INSERT_PRODUCT_THIRD_BEST> were not far behind either, with top honors going to <INSERT_PRODUCT_DIFFERENT>. Upon closer inspection, we found that much of that result can be ascribed to the impressive blade design of this model, which wasn’t as good as the kind you’d normally see on a piece of professional equipment but was of a far better quality than any other product we tested.

Apart from its main trimmer blade, the device comes with several accessories including

With its main trimmer attached, the device measures <INSERT_DIMESNIONS> in size and weighs <INSERT_WEIGHT> grams. That being said, it doesn’t feel quite heavy enough to be uncontrollable as you move it all around, yet it still has a good amount of heft and solidity to create a nice feeling in your hand. A nice grippy rubber coating runs through the body of the trimmer, which in fact is a nice feature especially if you’ll be using the device mainly in the bathroom.

Unlike the other trimmers we tested, the <INSERT_PRODUCT_BEST> has a variety of beard guides made of tough, hard plastic that’s pretty difficult to break or bend. While these guides aren’t as hard as the metal beard guides that come with professional grade beard trimmers, all beard guides of this model were superior in quality.

From the maintenance perspective, the <INSERT_PRODUCT_BEST> isn’t too difficult. Right after using the trimmer, detach the blade from the trimmer, clean the trimmer’s body and blade of any debris and hair, put the blade back up, switch on the device, and run some oil over the cutting surface of the blade. In certain occasions, the blade might get a little clogged up with hair and debris that is hard to remove with a ordinary brush, it’s appropriate to run the blade under the tap as long as you dry it off completely and keep it well oiled.

The Li-ion battery can keep the trimmer running for up to 100 minutes after receiving a charge for one hour. Forgot to recharge it? Well, you can charge it for a few minutes and then use it for a few minutes. I think that’s more than enough to take care of even the most stubborn mustache or beard just before heading out the home. Better yet, you can charge this trimmer while you’re using it- it’s a handy feature we didn’t find on the other trimmers in the line up or on most of the other older NiMH battery trimmers.

Not many detailed trimmer reviews from dependable sources exist for Indian consumers. However, I did come across a few good write-ups on the device. And they all had to share the same nice things about this tool in general.

The device is popular on Amazon India, where at the time of publishing this trimmer review it had a more than decent 4 star rating across a total of over 1000 reviews, with over 500 users giving it a happy five star rating. The pattern is not different on the other retailer sites like Flipkart, Snapdeal etc.


For the best results with the tool, don’t even consider any other accessory than its main trimmer blade, T-blade, and beard guides.   The barber and I both had poor results with many attachments, particularly its electric shaver and detailing blade attachment, the latter of which is just designed for trimming ear and nose hair or trimming out those areas in your face that the full-size blade is just too big to handle. If I had to put it in one word to describe the attachment, it would be terrible. What’s worse, I ended up with annoying razor burn and a number of ingrown hairs on my neck. The barber complained of similar issues.

As for the other attachment, which is the ear/nose hair trimmer, it certainly isn’t something you want to use without safety. It was either poorly designed or underpowered; the attachment came off and pulled at the hairs inside my nose.  That simply makes me freak out about the very idea of using it on areas like my lip, ears and eyebrows.

Don’t bother about these minor complaints. To be honest, as a cordless beard trimmer, it does its job well. This tool is the best pick I could find for less than 3000 INR, a cost that many readers in our survey agreed to as an appropriate price ceiling for this class.

If you don’t have any preference as to whether or not your trimmer is battery powered, here’s a device worth checking.

Best Beard Trimmer for Men in India: For Power

Those who have a thick, dense beard seem to have mixed results with cordless devices. If you have a coarse, rough-to-the-touch beard, you’ll agree to the fact that cordless trimmers take quite a few passes to get rid of the thicket on your face. Worse yet, some of these devices pull your hair as opposed to cutting it.

The <INSERT_PRODUCT_POWER> is a very compact, powerful beard trimmer in the same price bracket as our best pick. However, the corded device has a great amount of power that no rechargeable trimmer can come close to. The motor is so powerful it is capable of grinding out an insane amount of torque that helps the tool cut through dense beard with ease. Hold a cordless trimmer in one hand and the <INSERT_PRODUCT_POWER> in the other, switch them both on, and you’ll notice the difference in power right away.  Pros swear by it, but it’s pretty easy for amateurs to use at home as well. Of all the tools we asked our professional barbers to test, <INSERT_PRODUCT_POWER> did a great job of cutting the most beard hair in one pass, leaving an extremely small amount of stubble on the face. It also removed the stubble that all cordless beard trimmers in this lineup left behind. Overall, it had the best design and power to cut closer than any other tool in this roundup. As far as power is concerned, there’s absolutely no reason why one would compare a corded tool with a cordless tool. A battery operated tool will not be as strong as one with a cord and is not going to be able to is have its power delivery measure up to that of a corded tool.

The professional barbers, who have been using the <INSERT_PRODUCT_POWER> professionally, claim that it’s robust enough to hold out well even in a high-volume barber shop. Simply put, home users will stand to get several years of service out of this device, making it a wise choice. It has all the makings of a device that is worth our top recommendation, but the only reason it isn’t one is that our survey suggested that most consumers prefer a battery operated trimmer. That being said, given how well it performed in our tests, it’s still a great alternative to our best pick.

Measuring just <INSERT_LENGTH> in length and weighing roughly <INSERT_WEIGHT> grams, the <INSERT_PRODUCT_POWER> has a good degree of heft even with a long cord attached to it. Quite solid, compact and heavy for its tiny size, this tool feels like it’s a solid performer.  It has a high quality on-off switch which feels as sturdy as the other parts of the device. Under the hood is a snappy rotary motor that works well in conjunction with the stainless steel blades of the trimmer to virtually cut across any type of hair.

Most trimmers of this kind require a cleaning kit, but maintaining this tool is basically tool-free and easy.  After you’re done using it, just detach the blade off the device, brush any hair or debris out of the base where the motor connects to the blade, clean it with water, let it dry up for a while before applying oil to the whole unit. Such a simple upkeep routine will see to it that your trimmer gives you long-lasting service. Speaking of service, the tool is covered with a <INSERT_PRODUCT_WARRANTY>, which is a nice thing to have. That being said, if maintained appropriately, the tool and its accessories can last for a good two to three years of daily use. If you’re someone who uses your trimmer once or twice a week, chances are good that the tool would give you more years of service.

What’s included in the box? When you buy the tool, you get a primary trimmer, a cleaning brush, a blade guard, a tiny bottle of blade oil, and a bunch of plastic beard guides that vary in length. All in all, there’s everything you need to get a well finished beard.

You might come across quite a few models on your search for the best trimmers in India, but most people who have purchased <INSERT_PRODUCT_POWER> seem to be very glad. On Amazon, the tool has accrued a stellar overall rating across hundreds of reviews with more than 50% of those adding to its five star tally. It’s quite hard to argue with that sort of reputation and dependability in a bearded trimmer that can be had for less than 5000 INR.


The very aspect that makes the <INSERT_PRODUCT_POWER> so powerful is also its Achilles’ heel: it is corded. This could be a sure deal breaker for those who don’t want the hassle of a beard trimmer with a power cord.

It’s also worth noting that the cord comes with just a few guides (include size). This certainly isn’t a lot of options and means you have less control over length requirements. In addition, while the barbers said that the beard guides were made of sturdier plastic than the average guide out there, they had some issues about how the guides attach to the body of the device. A single clip that latches to the back of the device holds these guides in place; however, if it’s not rightly secured in place, there’s a risk of the guide coming off in the middle of a trim.

If these minor foibles don’t cause much bother, you’ll be hard-pressed to pick a device at this price that lasts longer and gives you more power.

Best Beard Trimmer for Men in India: For Length and Clean Beard Lines

It was very evident from our survey that some guys want a good bit of control over the length of their facial hair- but they also didn’t want to deal with using various different beard guides to enjoy that kind of control. However, most beard guides are made of flexible plastic, leaving you with varying beard lengths. That’s not a good thing.

But one of the beard trimmers proved to have a versatile beard guide that was better than the rest: <INSERT_PRODUCT_>.  It features (number) trimmer guards that you can change to get a close trim ranging from ( ) mm to () mm for a total of different length settings. Even though its cutting power is not extraordinary when compared against that of the best trimmers, but no other device can come close to its fine mix of ease of use and stubble length adjustment- features that more than half of the readers we surveyed said they wanted. It’s more suitable for people with nuanced facial hair and for people who want to have as much control as they can possibly get over the length of the beard.

Let’s go over the good aspects first. The <INSERT_PRODUCT_ADJUSTMENT> shines through because its beard guides aren’t flimsy and they don’t really feel like they’ll break or bend even at gentle pressure. Sure, the plastic is not as hard as the plastic used in the professional grade trimmers, but it’s definitely an improvement from what we’ve come to see in the other adjustable guide equipped beard trimmers we tested. These guides click into place, latching firmly on the body of the trimmer. And at no point during testing the trimmer were we worried that the guides might come off accidentally.

Thanks to its smart thumbwheel design, adjusting the trim level of a beard guide is quite easy. The first of the two beard guides allows fine adjustments at approximately () mm increments from () mm to () mm in length, while the second one provides for lengths between () mm and () mm, making for a total of settings. And in our tests, the whole set of tool and accessories was easier to clean than the competition.

The tool’s size, its () weight, and its rubberized, textured grip make it extremely comfortable to use, either wet or dry. At no point did we feel like we were going to lose control, and maneuvering its blades into the tough spots never seemed uncomfortable at all. As for battery juice, you get a run time of every time you charge it for an hour. That definitely allows for a good number of uses before you plug it back in for recharging, but it’s also important to note that it’s roughly 60 minutes shy of what our best trimmer for men can do. Having said that, if you forget to recharge the battery, you can still use it while it’s hooked to its charger.

I couldn’t find many reviews for the tool, which isn’t a surprise to me, as it’s a new piece of grooming equipment.


The blades of this tool just could not match the standards of those that accompany the best trimmers for men featured in this review guide. In some instances, the beard trimmer could tug at your beard and mustache hair which makes for a bit of an inconsistent trimming experience. This might not be the best fit for those looking for trimming ear or nose hair, but that’s a very minor gripe, as this is a piece of equipment designed to deal with your beard and not the other patches of hair on your body. Overall, even with its not-so-superior blades, <INSERT_PRODUCT_ADJUSTMENT> is still the best trimmer that we could recommend for anyone who wants great level of control over beard length.

Weighing nearly as much as the tool itself does, the adapter is ridiculously large, making it a not-so-compelling choice for travel. However the tool can run for 50 minutes before going out of power, and should provide enough power for trimming during your excursions. The case that comes with it is not attractive and we would have been less annoyed if the maker hadn’t bothered to throw in a case.

Last but not least, there’s the cost factor. The tool can be much too dear for a beard trimmer in India. In fact, it can cost almost four times as much as our top picks do- trimmers we love for their sheer power delivery and convenience. But the premium you’ll pay here can be thought of as something of a convenience: you don’t have to fiddle with several beard attachments or guides. Furthermore, it’s quite easy to handle and easy to clean. Given how crucial not having to fiddle with several attachments provided to be to the people who took the survey, we think that the premium price this tool commands is not a huge concern.

How did we pick and test the tools

Thanks to the advice and directions we got from the professional barbers, we felt extremely comfortable to pick and test new tools for this compilation of the best trimmers in India.

Unlike other male grooming products, the beard trimmers in India are not a very fast-moving category. New tools don’t come out from time to time. Popular beard trimmers stay on sale for many months and years before being pulled from the market. So, we had to take a close look at some of the best models out there for us to test. Our research team was able to narrow down on a dozen trimmers for sale in the Indian market. Then, we made a shortlist of products which we thought were worth calling in for some rigorous testing.

The trimmers that made it to our shortlist are:

We took our own time using these trimmers to see how they performed when put to the test: how they performed with the guides on and off, how they handled those areas such as the jawline and the lip which are usually very hard to tackle etc. We also took a real hard look at the body, the finish of the blades that accompanied them, whether these tools were designed ergonomically, how long they could run between charging, and finally, how much of a chore it was to get rid of hair and debris.

Before putting these devices through the paces, we put together a survey covering some of the very basic things that a potential buyer would be interested in. Basically, we wanted to know what an Indian consumer wanted from a trimmer. After all, we believe in the saying ‘To each his own’.

The below list summarizes some of the questions included in the questionnaire.

  • What do you prefer? A battery powered trimmer or trimmer with a cord plug?
  • How much are you likely to spend on your next beard trimmer?
  • Would you go for a trimmer that is powered by a set of standard non-rechargeable batteries?
  • Do beard brands matter to you?
  • How important it is for a tool to have a charge level indicator?
  • Would you be willing to pay a premium for a beard trimmer that ran longer than your current one?
  • What do you use a trimmer for? Getting rid of body hair, facial hair etc?
  • How useful would it be to have a variable speed trimmer?
  • What do you prefer- many changeable beard clips or a single adjustable beard guide?
  • How important are the length settings to you?
  • Do you consider blade type before making a decision?
  • What accessories would you like to see in your beard trimmer box (pouch, ear or nose hair trimmer, body-hair trimmer etc?
  • Would you bother doing basic maintenance to extend the life of the tool?
  • How much run time should a cordless trimmer get from a single charge?
  • What is a good approximate in terms of durability?

Over the 30 days we ran the survey for, more than three hundred people registered their responses.  That wasn’t a great number in terms of sample size but the results were good enough to point us in the right direction to find out what to expect in a beard trimmer.

We then came across a bunch of sites and review guides about trimmers in general, but not much of what we found was relevant to trimmers in India. At that point, we started searching online for the right trimmers to test.

Any trimmer wouldn’t qualify for the ultimate test.

  1. a) if the trimmer was up for sale online but no longer listed on the brand’s website,
  2. b) if the trimmer hadn’t chalked up a basic minimum of 3.5 stars out of 4
  3. c) if the trimmer had a raft of complaints going against it particularly about build quality or about blades that tugged hair shafts or jammed while in use.

Only 25 different tools made it through to the shortlist by the end of this elimination process. That was certainly more than we hoped for, so we looked closer and kicked off about a dozen off the list. Why? They were basically rebadged versions of the other top beard trimmers in our list, some were products from the same brand and had almost redundant features, others seemed cheap, gimmicky, or were on offer from a lesser known brand. The time we spent doing research was extremely valuable, at least, in that it gave us a sense for what were the popular trimmers in India and which brands offered quality tools that did well.

We wanted to go further and get experts’ take on which of our beard trimmers were the best in India. We decided to turn to the experts at <INCLUDE_SHOP>, a happening barbershop located in the heart of Chennai.

Person A has been a barber, grooming men’s hair and beards and dishing out close shaves for more than a few years now. Person B, has been in this profession for just a few years but is just as involved about his works as Person A is. Both of them sport macho beards and both were ready to spend some time getting to know these pieces of test equipment. They agreed to use the beard trimmers on themselves at home, on each other while at work, and on their customers whenever possible. Their goal definitely was not to pick a professional grade beard trimmer that could perform well in a professional setting, but to pick a great piece of beard trimmer that would be ideal for consumers to use at home.

We kicked things off with a sit-down to figure out whether we should knock any more of the rest 12 trimmers from the running- and it was a great starting point.

Person A exposed chinks in the armor of a few trimmers, knocking holes in the basic build quality, ergonomic design, and blade orientation of some of the trimmers I got him. It didn’t take too long for him to dismiss any tool that tugged hair instead of cutting through, or anything that proved incapable to cut across the hair on my body within a couple of millimeters of being flush to the skin in a single pass.

We also found that easily bendable beard guides made of flimsy plastic were not likely to break, they’re not ideal for cutting. The general idea is that a beard guard is used to pull each hair taut so that the tool can shear it down to a uniform length. When the guard is more flexible than required, chances are that you’ll be ruining your bearded look.  We chopped the big list down and came up with five picks that we felt were worth giving a shot for a few days:

  • What is the amount of hair that each trimmer could remove in one pass?
  • How many passes were necessary to get rid of the hair in the chosen test area?
  • Is it easy to tackle? Does it feel good in the hand?
  • How close did each trimmer trim?
  • How did each trimmer fare in areas that are not quite easy to access?
  • How useful was a trimmer to make detailed lines?
  • Did a trimmer’s blades pull more hair than they cut?
  • How many beard guides or attachments were included in the box? Are these accessories useful?
  • Are any changeable heads easy to swap?
  • Can the blades give a well-defined, finished edge to a beard?

I left the experts to play with the tools for a few weeks. Meanwhile, I wanted to use each of the trimmers with the same criteria. After the testing period, I collected the barber’s opinions on each tool and to give my impression in the final round. I decided to let my beard be the testing ground and I’m still not very happy about it. Person A took a pass with each trimmer to see which was cutting well without pulling or tearing the hair. And the results are here to show.


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